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Arthritis Treatment in Indore

Arthritis Treatment in Indore (laf/k’kwy) "हन्ति संधीगतः संधिन् शूलाटोपौ करोति च. !" माधवनिदान "वातपूर्णदृतिस्पर्शः शोथः सन्धिगते अनिले ! प्रसारणाकुंचनयोः प्रवृत्तिश्च सवेदना !!" चरक चिकित्सा २८/३७ Arthritis is one of the diseases of moveable joints, bones and muscles. Starting with a single joint, it progressively affects all the joints resulting in pain, stiffness and damage to cartilage, & immobility. It involves wear and tear damage of joints and its cartilage with continuous pain, restricted movements, sometimes inflammation of joints. Degenerative changes are seen in joints. It is also known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease. Our treatment is specially designed to provide long lasting relief in all types of arthritis and inflammatory conditions of joints. It reduces inflammation, R/A factors, E.S.R and cartilage destruction. We at Ayurved Foundation use thousands of years old vedic science of panchkarma to rejuvenate your joints and make them healthy and flexible by giving abhayangam and swedan followed by, januvasti for osteoarthritis, and udwartanam and for rheumatoid arthritis. AFTER THE PANCHKARMA THERAPY ORAL MEDICINES CONTINUES FOR SOME TIME. Arthritis   Rheumatoid Arthritis ( आमवात) treatment in Indore Main Cause :- विरुध्दाहारचेष्टस्य मन्दोग्नेर्निश्चलस्य च ! स्निग्धं भुक्तवतो ह्यन्नं व्यायाम कुर्वतस्तथा !! माधवनिदान / आमवात/१ • Most Common symptoms are inflammation and pain at joints like knee, elbow, ankle joints. The pain is shifting type. Most of the time in blood investigation serum RA-Factor, ASO titer, CRP are positive and ESR is increased. • Also after Chikungunya , or high grade fever like Dengue, Typhoid the symptoms of the disease are increased. • Also after Delivery, if post natal care ('सुतिका परिचर्या') is not taken patient suffers from the same problem. • Indigestion due to working immediately after food • Long term constipation Rheumatoid Arthritis



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